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Enrolment Information

Mitchell Conservatorium Term Dates 2014

Term 1 - Monday 27 January to Saturday 12 April

Term 2 - Monday 28 April to Saturday 28 June

Term 3 - Monday 14 July to Saturday 20 September

Term 4 - Monday 6 October to Saturday 13 December

Please download the following forms to complete your enrolment:

Enrolment Information 2014

Enrolment Form 2014

Child Protection Policy

Please read all enrolment information carefully.

For all enrolment enquiries, please contact your local Campus.

Phone Bathurst 6331 6622, Lithgow 6351 3990 or Lachlan 6852 3766.


All staff members have a special duty of care to the students enrolled at the Conservatorium. In particular, teachers and other staff are aware that their interaction with students creates a special, trusting relationship. This special relationship and trust means that teachers and staff do not engage in any behaviour that would breach this relationship or trust. To demonstrate basic principles of instrumental or vocal breathing technique, correct posture and tone production, it may be necessary for a teacher to place his/her hand on the student's rib-cage, diaphragm or face. Our teachers are requested to ask the student for permission to do so. If students feel uncomfortable with this practice, they should inform the teacher. All staff are screened by the Dept of Education & Training, Employment Screening Unit as part of the Child Protection Act, 1998. Staff must ensure, as part of their Duty of Care, that infants and children do not leave the Conservatorium building until a parent or person designated by the parent comes to collect them. Parents are requested to ensure that their infant or child is aware that they must not leave until their parent or person designated by the parent comes to collect them. In particular, parents of Early Childhood Music students must ensure that their child understands the importance of the reasons why they must remain in the Studio until they are collected. It is essential that parents/guardians of students under 18yrs complete the authorized persons form on the reverse of the annual Enrolment and Media Consent form. This ensures that Conservatorium staff are able to carry out their duty of care regarding the safety and supervision of students entering and leaving Conservatorium buildings.

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