Hannah Nixon

Hannah was born in Forbes and has worked at MitCon since 2017.

She learnt piano, trombone & euphonium through school and because of this, is passionate about children learning an instrument to improvise their wellbeing as well as academic achievements.

Hannah has a bachelor of general studies (Speech Pathology - science) studied at Albury CSU & Newcastle Uni and has achieved 7th grade piano, 6th grade trombone and 4th grade musicianship.

She has been part of the Forbes town band since 2000 and has participated in each Australia Day, Anzac Day, eisteddfod and all other play outs since then.

Hannah runs numerous childcare music sessions and has ambitions to start bands in local primary schools and in turn increase the number of students learning instruments- especially her passion, brass.


We pay our respect to all First Nations elders both past and present from the lands where Mitchell Conservatorium students reside. In particular, we acknowledge the Wiradyuri and Dharug peoples of Australia, who are the traditional custodians of the land where Mitchell Conservatorium campuses are located.

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