Jamie Briton

Drums, Tuned Percussion

Jamie was born in Sydney and from 1979 to 1984 studied percussion at NSW State Conservatorium under Jack Purdon, Principal Timpanist of the Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra. He has been a percussion teacher at Mitchell Conservatorium since 1990. His diverse musical background includes, as well as solid orchestral experience, jazz, "The Govett Street Stompers", "Highly Swung"; rock, "Sunday Punch", microtonal "The 31 note to the octave Group"; and Vaudeville; "Four Men in a Tub", "Cabaret Conspiracy".

Jamie strongly believes that his performance experience informs his teaching. Jamie is also a represented composer in the Library of The Australian Music Centre (www.amcoz.com.au).

Jamie teaches at both the Bathurst and Lithgow divisions of Mitchell Conservatorium.


Jamie Briton, drums/percussion teacher, Lithgow

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